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This application is for new and past New Zealand citizens/residents students only.

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Please refer to our study section for more details on what you can study at Toi Ohomai.

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Your personal and contact details

1.1. Your details

Enter your full details as shown on your birth or marriage certificate, or passport.

Have you previously studied at Toi Ohomai?
What is your title?
Are you known by, or have you been known by any other names?
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Date of birth


Applicants under the age of 16 are required to supply either a school exemption certificate, or a letter from the school principal. View our admission criteria for more information.

1.2. Your contact details (we will contact you about your application)

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Your permanent address

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1.3. Your citizenship details

Are you a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident?
What country are you a citizen of?

1.4. English language information

Is English one of your first languages?

Education and employment history

The Ministry of Education and other authorised agencies require this data to be collected before your application can be processed.

2.1. Previous education

What is the highest award you hold from secondary school?

2.2. Recognition of prior learning

Do you intend to apply for any of your prior learning to be recognised towards this qualification?


You will need to complete a Recognition of Prior Learning application form and provide verified copies of your academic transcripts. This form and your support documents can be uploaded with this application, or completed in your own time and discussed at your admission appointment.

About you

3.1. How can we support you?

Extra support is available for students with medical conditions, disabilities, and/or learning difficulties. You are required to make this known before you commence your studies.

Will you require additional support to study?

We will contact you to discuss your needs soon.

3.2. For our statistics

How did you find out about us?

4.1. Declaration

Terms and conditions: this form requires that you open the terms and conditions link to continue your application.
Please view the terms and conditions to continue.

I have read the information in this application, and have also read the terms and conditions in the above link, and I agree

  1. That my application will not proceed until this application and the declaration have been completed in full.
  2. That I have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions for this application before agreeing to the declaration.
  3. That Toi Ohomai has obligations under the Privacy Act 1993, as set out in this application, and I authorise Toi Ohomai to obtain, hold, use, and disclose information about me in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.
  4. That making a false declaration is an offence under the Crimes Act 1961.
  5. That in submitting this application, I undertake to comply with the published rules and policies of Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology with regard to attendance, academic integrity and progress, conduct and use of information systems.
I confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions as stated in the above declaration.

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